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Continuous Improvement

From the classroom - to the laboratory - to the library - and beyond, Virginia Tech is committed to offering services that complement, enhance, and extend all students' goals and aspirations toward life-long learning.  Importantly, institutions of higher learning are not stagnant; they are in and of themselves living, evolving  systems that continue to develop over time.  To meet our institutional mission and ongoing strategic plans, Virginia Tech engages in continuous improvement of academic and non-academic services which directly and indirectly affect delivery of the very best education to all students. 

Continuous improvement requires setting goals, assessing progress toward goals, and informed reflection on assessment outcomes in an way that reinforces current success, and redirects efforts as needed to ensure future success. Virginia Tech is committed to the continuous improvement of all academic and non-academic services, and offers administrators, faculty, and staff a host of ongoing resources and support for assessment and evaluation of progress.

To learn more about Virginia Tech’s continuous improvement efforts, visit the Office of Analytics & Institutional Effectiveness website.