Compliance Review Team

This committee meets about twice a semester to review progress on the completion of the compliance certificate. It is comprised of administrative officers and faculty across campus. Many members are directly involved in writing for the compliance certificate and the committee works to solve problems in the completion of the certificate.

SACSCOC Compliance Review Team

Richard Sorensen Dean, Pamplin College of Business, Committee Chair
Kristen Bush Director, Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Wanda Dean University Registrar
Karen DePauw Vice President and Dean, Graduate Education
Dixon Hanna Associate Provost, Academic Planning, Resources and Space
Kay Heidbreder University Legal Counsel
Eileen Hitchingham Dean, University Libraries
Patricia Hyer Associate Provost, Academic Administration
Tom Inzana Associate Vice President, Research Programs
Mildred Johnson Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Kim O’Rourke Chief of Staff, Office of the President
Todd Ogle Analyst/Coordinator, Web Reporting, Institutional Research
Robin Panneton SACSCOC Accreditation Coordinator
Ray Plaza Director, Diversity Initiatives
Donna Cassell Ratcliffe Director, Career Services
Dwight Shelton Vice President, Finance, and Chief Financial Officer
Jeb Stewart Chief of Staff, Information Technology
Jane Swan Director, Outreach Finance and Administration
Grant Turnwald Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine (retired)
Ray Van Dyke Director, Academic Assessment
Daniel A. Wubah Vice President and Dean, Undergraduate Education
Melinda West Assistant to the Vice President, Finance
Tom Wilkinson Associate Provost, Distance Learning and Summer Sessions